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Christmas Wishes

Winter wishes to you

December 20, 2017

The Ottawa Wedding Chapel would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a fabulous new year. Enjoy this season of celebration with those you love and remember to open your heart to those less fortunate. If we can keep the Christmas spirit all year round, the world will be a better place!

Holiday Hours

Our office will be closed as of 4:30 pm on Thurs., Dec. 21 and will re-open on Tues., Jan. 2.

We look forward to hosting you in 2018!

Pop-up Wedding Recap

Pop-up wedding

March 3, 2017

Despite the biggest snowstorm of the season, four couples tied the knot at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel on Sunday February 12 in our first ever pop-up wedding event. There were snowflakes caught in fancy updos, cheeks rosy from the cold, one late bride, and some chapel staff members stuck in the parking lot at the end of the afternoon, but the snow didn’t stop the show.

Four different love stories celebrated in one day made for an amazing experience. Each couple was unique — from the camouflage-themed wedding rings and bouquet to an elven princess. They wrote their own vows and proclaimed their love in front of a couple of people that are close to them — best friends in one case, parents in another case, and their children in a third case.

Some brides took advantage of our beautiful fresh bouquet from Blooms by Beyond the House in Russell, Ontario. It was a lovely collection of dusty pink roses, white hydrangeas, soft pink lilies,and greenery. It was subtle enough not to overpower our diverse brides, but still some gorgeous eye candy for the photos.

All couples received two 5×7 prints from Photography by Margaret Link to take home with them and most decided to purchase a CD full of edited photos from their wedding as well.

Our lovebirds celebrated with a glass of sparkling wine and some treats created by Homecoooked Meals To Go after their ceremony was complete. There was bite-sized strawberry cheesecake, mini butter tarts and chocolate turtle bites. Delicious!

Get in on the next Pop-up event!

We are so pleased to have been a part of the weddings for these four couples. Enjoy a few photos from our Pop-up wedding event.

Pop-up wedding event

It was such a success, we’re considering doing it again. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, drop us a line and let us know. We’re collecting a list of potential pop-up sweethearts.

Making wedding shows count

Friendly All Seasons Weddings officiants

January 13, 2017

‘Tis the season for wedding shows. All the couples getting married next summer or in 2018 are gearing up their planning and looking to book vendors and tackle DIY projects in preparation for their approaching nuptials.

The Ottawa Wedding Chapel and All Seasons Weddings will be at a variety of shows across Ontario in the coming weeks. These shows are a great opportunity for us to meet potential couples and answer their questions.

Here’s a couple of tips on making the most out of a wedding show.

  • Check for early bird tickets (if there is a charge to get in).
  • If there is a swag/goodie bag for the show, take a careful look through it. Sometimes there are coupons to save you money!
  • Pre-plan your show. Look at the floor plan, if available, or at least the vendors list. Highlight the ones that provide the services you need.
  • Be ready to compare. Do your homework by finding regular prices for services you are interested in. That way you will know how good those “show specials” are.
  • Wear comfy shoes!
  • Create a new wedding email account. This will keep all your wedding-related info in one place and keep your personal account spam-free. You can use it to enter draws as well.
  • Have your name, email address, phone number, and wedding date on address labels. There will be lots of draws to take part in and these are the details companies will be asking for on their ballots. Stick your info on the ballot and save writing it over and over!
  • Use the camera on your phone. Take pictures of anything inspirational and anything you don’t want to forget.
  • Have fun! Take someone with you who will help you enjoy yourself and not stress you out.

Where can you find us?

Here’s a list of where you can find the Ottawa Wedding Chapel and All Seasons Weddings.

Jan. 13, Dream Wedding Showcase in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Jan. 21, Bride and Groom Show in Kemptville, ON (Ottawa Wedding Chapel display)
Jan. 21 and 22, London Winter Bridal Show in London, ON
Jan. 21, Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Open House in Edwards, ON
Jan. 21, Old Montreal Weddings Open House (Hotel Place D’Armes) in Montreal QC
Jan. 22, Kingston Wedding Show in Kingston, ON
Jan. 29, Wedding Trends Show in Peterborough, ON
Jan. 29, Kortright Centre Open House in Toronto, ON
Feb. 26, Best Western Plus, Parkside Inn and Spa in Perth, ON
April 22, Women’s Day Show in Embrun, ON (Ottawa Wedding Chapel display)

Chapel Offers Handfasting!

All Seasons officiant Alan Viau performing a handfasting

January 6, 2017

Handfasting is the process of wrapping cords or ribbons around the wedding couple’s clasped hands and knotting them, symbolically binding their lives together. It has been popular over the last several decades with Wiccan and Pagan religions, but can now be found as a part of non-denominational or other religions’ wedding ceremonies as well. We’ve seen a few ceremonies at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel where the couple have included handfasting.

As far as historians can tell, handfasting dates back to ancient Celtic Scotland and was originally part of a formal betrothal ceremony (the precursor to today’s engagement). The couple pledged themselves to one another for future marriage. It seems likely that the term “handfast” was taken from the Old Norse “handfesta” meaning to strike a bargain by joining hands. It follows the same logic as our common handshake to seal a deal. Handfasting is also probably where the phrase “tying the knot” came from.

Modern-day Pagans and Wiccans were the first to revive the use of handfasting. They use the power of intent as part of the ceremony. The tying of the couple’s hands is a visual illustration of their intent to be bound together. The cords or ribbons may be braided or woven together in advance while carefully thinking of good wishes for the couple.

A full Wiccan handfasting ceremony might involve several cords. A cord could be draped across the couple’s clasped hands for any or each of the following: sharing of pain, sharing of laughter, sharing of burdens, sharing of dreams, using anger to temper the union, and honouring each other. Once all the cords are laid, they are tied together.

Incorporating handfasting

While sometimes a couple will choose a full handfasting ceremony, more commonly it is incorporated into their vows. We have seen an officiant say something along the lines of, “Please join hands. As your hands are joined with this ribbon, so are your lives, holding each other, caressing each other, supporting each other and loving each other.” The couple’s hands remain tied as they say their vows to each other and then the ribbon is removed without untying the knot. Another option is to give each guest (or maybe just your witnesses or children) a ribbon and have them all bind your hands together.

A possible downside is that you may need a rehearsal, especially if you are using more than one ribbon or cord, just so there is no fumbling on the big day. A rehearsal may result in an extra payment to your officiant.

Handfasting can be a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony. It’s a great way to work in personalized vows or wording. The tying of the cords or ribbons is an illustration of your intent to bind your lives together. It may be something that your guests haven’t seen before. If you’re interested in adding handfasting to your ceremony, we’re happy to accommodate you at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel.

Make sure your Officiant is Legit

Marriage licence

December 16, 2016

A Parry Sound, Ontario woman has been charged this week with solemnizing weddings without lawful authority. Michelle Bottineau was charged after a couple she conducted a ceremony for complained to local authorities about not receiving their marriage certificate.

Authorities investigated and discovered that a second couple married by Bottineau was facing the same difficulties in obtaining their certificate. She was charged by local law enforcement with:
-Fraud under $5000
-Forging legal documents and credentials
-Pretending to solemnize weddings without lawful authority
The police suspect more illegal marriages, and they are reaching out to any couples who may have used the services of Bottineau.

We have seen other cases where con artists conduct fraudulent ceremonies for the sake of quick gain. While these couples will eventually have their marriages recognized by the province, they will experience delays in receiving their marriage certificate.

At the Ottawa Wedding Chapel and All Seasons Weddings we always advise our couples to consult the following directory which lists every licensed officiant in Ontario. A confirmation of your officiant’s credentials may save you a lot of trouble and paperwork in the future.

Make sure to visit before your big day.