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Wedding Arch Alchemy: Creating a Stunning Focal Point

September 8, 2022

Wedding arches are a big décor trend and it seems like they will stick around. And why not? It’s an easy way to have a big impact on your ceremony space.

An arch is a way of drawing the focus to the spot where you will exchange your vows. They are especially helpful if you are getting married outside where there is no obvious focal point or at a venue where it’s essentially a blank canvas.

arch examples

Two takes on the same pergola at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel


An arch can help you incorporate the colours and theme that you have selected for your day. From bo-ho to sleek and modern, an arch is a set-piece that helps create the ambiance you want. You can use pretty much any material — wood, metal, fabric, live plants, etc.

balloon background

Balloons provide big colour impact. Photo: TracyGracePhotography


Your arch can also serve as a backdrop for photos after the ceremony as well. Guests won’t be able to resist snapping a few frames in front of it.

You can rent all sorts of backdrops, flower walls, and arches. Wedding groups on social media or buy and sell sites like Kijiji are also a good source for ready-made items. Of course, if you’re handy you can DIY it and have it to keep or sell to someone else. If you are buying or making a sturdy structure, you can add it to your garden or patio after to extend its life.

You don’t have to break the bank — simple can be very effective. You may be able to use something you already have or something you can thrift or make — sheer curtains, old wooden ladders, paper flowers, a tree branch, etc.

Sunflower round arch

The sunflowers here are a perfect tie-in to the couple’s splashes of yellow.


Keep the weather in mind as you plan. There could be rain or wind and you don’t want your arch to tumble — make sure it’s stable and possibly staked to the ground. Wind can also play havoc with draped fabric.

If there is a view or horizon, pay attention to what vista your arch frames — it’s going to be in a lot of photos. You may want to work the angles to avoid a highway with traffic or the back of a building for example. And while you may think of a wedding arch as having a lot of height to draw the eye, you can create something lower to the ground (especially if you have a view with mountains in the background). An existing flowerbed can be your focal point with some added pillars or use potted perennial plants to create a low-rise semi-circle. You can use the plants for landscaping at your home afterwards or gift them to the members of your wedding party.

This stunning backdrop was created by Ottawa’s Monara Events Photo: Green Tea Photography Venue: Billings Estate Museum


In the end, make sure that the focal point of your ceremony location is something that brings you joy when you look at it. The personality of the couple should be apparent — so don’t be concerned with sticking to something flowery, if that’s not what you like. Get creative and playful. Make it as steampunk, anime, forest elf, comic book, futuristic, or Day of the Dead as you like. It’s a key visual for your day.


Holiday wishes from the Ottawa Wedding Chapel

December 18, 2020

chapel at night

No matter the holiday you are celebrating, we hope you are able to spend it with someone you love. We wish you warm cozy nights, sunny days, tasty food to nibble, games and conversations (online and off) to connect with friends and family, and health for the year ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Ottawa Wedding Chapel.

Our office will be closed from Dec 18 to Jan 3 and will reopen on Jan 4. New requests through the website will be answered. If you are having a wedding emergency or wish to be married before Jan 4, you can call our office and be connected to our emergency line.

We’ll be hosting a few small ceremonies over the holidays to help bump up our Christmas cheer. 🙂

Chapel Celebrates with Pop-up Wedding Couples

October 27, 2017

The Ottawa Wedding Chapel happily welcomed two couples to our second pop-up wedding event at the end of the summer.

Both couples had kids and wanted the children to feel involved in the ceremony. Our officiant Natasha St. Jean worked with them and in both cases it was decided that a sand ceremony would give the children an active role.  It also provided the family with a colourful memento to keep in their home.

Each couple enjoyed one hour of time in the chapel, as well as a ceremony performed by one of our professional officiants. They had the services of our photographer partner, Melissa LaFrance of Direct Your Focus Photography during their ceremony and afterwards for a brief photo shoot. They also toasted each other with some sparkling juice.

pop-up wedding photo

Erika and Ryan

This couple came with just their two boys, so we provided the witnesses and they had an intimate ceremony in our chapel. The bride was radiant with a fantastic flower crown and the kids were excited to stand right up beside (and sometimes between!) the couple. Each boy had a ring and when the time came for the ring exchange they offered them up with big smiles.

pop-up wedding photo

Melanie and Eric

This upbeat couple had a great time with their three kids and their guests. The vibe was fun and relaxed and the bridal party and all the guests were dressed in varying shades of blue, with many of the gentlemen sporting dapper hats. They got some great photos in the chapel’s backyard after the ceremony.

Chapel features beautiful stained glass

Stained glass flowers

March 24, 2017

There is nothing that can compare to the beauty of light falling through a stained glass window. At the Ottawa Wedding Chapel we have some of the most beautiful stained glass in the area. Featuring flowers, rather than religious iconography, our windows have a wide appeal.

Long History

Stained glass is a form of painting that began over 1,000 years ago. One of the oldest known examples of multiple pieces of colored glass used in a window were discovered in Jarrow, England at St. Paul’s Monastery, which was founded in 686 AD.

The glass makers were called glaziers, and while most never left a signature or identifying mark on their artwork, during the middle ages they belonged to very powerful “guilds.” Companies that built stained glass would be under contract with these guilds and could not produce windows without an “official” glazier being on site. Metallic salts were added during the glass making process to produce glass of different colours.

A stained-glass window consisted of pieces of coloured glass held together in by a web of lead. In early days, the glass had details such as faces and hands painted and fired on to it in black or brown paint.

About the year 1300, stain was discovered that had the ability to turn white glass yellow or blue glass green after it was fired, opening up more colours and shading options. The term “stained glass” derives from this silver stain that was applied to the back side of the window.

Some of the most powerful art produced in the Romanesque and Gothic time periods were religious visual stories, in French cathedral windows. Advances in construction made it possible to make larger windows. Because of this the craft underwent a revival and was used as a storytelling medium, consisting mostly of biblical scenes.

Stained Glass collage

Modern Glass

In the 17th and 18th centuries, glass making was in decline. It wasn’t until the 19th century that another revival took place. Less expensive production methods made it more accessible to a wider range of people. US inventor Louis Tiffany used copper foil and solder to connect the glass pieces instead of lead. This development also allowed for a higher level of detail. His company, Tiffany Studios was a huge success and Tiffany lamps became especially popular.

Now stained glass has reached the masses, with home glass studios common for hobbyists. Regardless of its popularity, a beautiful piece of glass lit by the sun remains a breathtaking view.

The stained glass windows at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel are remarkable for their design. They provide a calm, soft natural light without an overbearing “churchy” feel. They are a wonderful backdrop for photos. If you are looking for a more spiritual presence, the chapel does have one large window that features a cross.

Happy Holidays!

Winter wishes to you

December 22, 2016

Our office will be closed from 4:30 pm on Dec. 22 to 8:30 am on Jan. 3. We’ll be back in January ready to help all of you who get engaged over the holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the staff at Ottawa Wedding Chapel and All Seasons Weddings and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Decking the Hall

Decking the halls

December 2, 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We’ve been decorating the chapel for the holidays and thought we’d share a few pics. Our stained glass is so beautiful that we don’t need much in the way of accessories. We’ve added some fresh evergreen wreaths to the exterior doors and some cheery poinsettias inside.

We are looking forward to our December weddings, including one on Christmas Eve! The reception will feature a variety of warm appetizers and some hot apple cider from our catering friends at Winchelsea Events. Tasty treats and sparkling wine combined with the warmth of family and friends celebrating this couple’s love story — the guests might not want to leave.

Pretty Pictures

Christmas Collage



Ottawa Chapel Offers Pop-up Weddings

November 25, 2016

Pop-up Weddings at Ottawa Wedding ChapelHave you been waiting to get married? No time? No money? Don’t want the stress of planning a wedding? Ottawa Wedding Chapel has your solution. Celebrate Valentine’s Day and your own personal love story on Sun., Feb. 12 with a pop-up wedding. The chapel has taken care of the details, all couples need to do is get their marriage licence from city hall, book an available time, dress up, and show up to #getwed.

We wanted to offer local couples the chance to have an amazing and stress-free wedding for a low cost. We’re anticipating a fabulous day.

The chapel has been completely refurbished and features stunning stained glass and gleaming wood. It’s a classically beautiful space. Almost every couple that comes for a tour ends up booking.

Pop-up Package

The pop-up package includes one hour of time in the historic and beautiful Ottawa Wedding Chapel in Kenmore, a licensed wedding officiant from Wedding Ceremonies by All Seasons to conduct the ceremony, and music for the walk down the aisle. The bride will have use of a beautiful bouquet from Blooms by Beyond the House in Russell, ON and will receive a rose to take home.

The pop-up wedding package also includes photography by Margaret Link Photography. The couple will take home two 5×7 prints to help them remember their wedding day. CDs with all the digital files can be ordered for an additional cost. Couples will also enjoy a champagne toast once their ceremony is complete, sharing a glass of sparkling wine and a sweet treat with their witnesses.

Five couples will tie the knot at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel on Feb. 12. For more information on how to book, visit Ottawa Wedding Chapel on Facebook, email, or call 1-800-545-3681.


Blog Welcome!

November 21, 2016

Ottawa Wedding ChapelWe love weddings. It’s a huge part of what we do here at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel. We’ve seen so many, and each one is different.

Many couples choose our chapel because of its intimate feel and elegant aesthetic. It’s the perfect combination of warm wood, stunning stained glass, and fabulous acoustics. Nearly every couple who come for a tour end up booking.

We’ve decided that we’d like to share our stories and ideas with you…so we’ve started a blog. Here you will find everything from stories and pictures from wedding dreams we’ve helped come true at our chapel, to ideas we’ve collected from elsewhere on the web. We’ve got some good advice for you, and will sometimes share a laugh with you too. We’ll introduce you to other local Ottawa-area companies in the wedding biz and showcase some of the great products and services they offer.

We hope you will come talk weddings with us!